Saturday, July 11, 2009

A reunion

Myself, and my friends from high school. That's Gary on the far left in the black T-shirt, and Lun Cheak in the middle in the blue T-shirt. When I was still working in Singapore, the three of us would meet up in the evening and spend hours at the beach, drinking coffee and talking. Some of the best talks I've ever had happened on those evenings chats.

The posse has gotten somewhat bigger in the last few years. We all had dinner together one evening with our families, and it was nice to see the kids get along and play. And we got to the beach for one more late night chat before I left Singapore. It's nice to know that even after so long, some things just never change. It was just like old times, only this time we got to talk about our kids as well.


kaos said...

that is so awesome, indeed you've all built quite the posse amongst you! strength in numbers! coffee and beach, you've got some sensible friends there J :)

Justin said...

I used to make us lattes on an old steam powered espresso machine and throw them into travel mugs. Gary would pick me up and we'd meet at the beach, sometimes the sun was almost up when we got home.