Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stinky Nervous Chuck

A baby bird, sitting by the side of the street.  It didn't look hurt, but it didn't look like it was capable of doing much else besides sitting either.  That was the situation Friday morning, when I went to get Nate back from Kiddy Capers.  Nate had gone off to play with some friends in the park, so I went back inside and found a small plastic tub, stuck some holes in the top of it, and put the little thing inside.   Nate carried the bird all the way home.

When we got back, we called Hope for Wildlife and they told us that this time of the year it was very common to find young birds on the ground.  They suggested we take it back to where we found it and it wouldn't be long before it's parent showed up.  So we transferred the little bird into a cardboard box, and packed some snacks and walked back to Larry O'Connell.  We set the box down right where we had found the bird, took the top off and crossed the street and waited.  There were lots of birds about, but not one came close to investigate.  After almost 2 hours, we packed it up and walked home.  In all that time, the little bird had just sat in the box, calling every once in awhile.  

Another call to Hope for Wildlife to see if someone could come and pick up the bird, and we got some cat food to feed the little guy in the meantime.  I was all set to go find it some worms, but I was damned if I was going to chew one up for it first!  The cat food option sounded much more appealing.  Apparently baby birds get fed by their parents every 20 minutes.  So we started to feed the little fella as best as we could.  After a few hours he seemed to perk up and was even happy to perch on my finger while I fed him.  Didn't seem to mind being handled at all.   Patty had already dubbed him Stinky.  Nate decided he should be called Nervous because he was probably nervous when we first brought him home.  I called him Chuck, cause that was what his little call sounded like to me.  

Later that evening, a volunteer from Hope for Wildlife stopped by to pick up Stinky Nervous Chuck, who turned out to be a baby robin.  She seemed to think that he was in good shape and would probably do well.  I hope so, he was a sweet little bird and I think we all kinda miss him now that he's gone.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It tastes suspiciously like...!

It's been three weeks since I bottled the home brew, and while it hasn't felt extraordinarily long, that time didn't fly by either.  I had intended to wait four weeks before cracking one open, but today seemed like as good a day as any.

I am happy to say bottle #1 went down very nicely.  A nice pale ale, fruity up front with a nice hoppy finish.  I doubt if it'll win any medals, but I won't be pouring it down the drain either.  Only sixty-six bottles more to go.