Saturday, July 18, 2009

The first step to getting espresso in our house again

Today, I finally made some time and went down into the basement to remove the boiler from the espresso machine. It's been sitting down there since that fateful day in May when I discovered it did not survive the move from Vancouver.

The photo below shows the boiler still in the machine. You can see where one of the brass couplings has popped off. That is the hot water on-demand heat-exchanger. Water in it must have froze in transit, and the ice blew the top off the stainless steel flange where the coupling fit in. The coupling is still screwed in to the flange. The flange just isn't in one piece any more. The same happened to the heat exchanger next to it, which runs to the group head. In this case. the flange is split, but not completely blown off.

Here is the Lyra with the boiler removed.

Finally, a look at the boiler itself. The markings are my own, just so I don't forget where everything goes. I still have to put it all back together, assuming it is possible to weld the damaged bits.

I'm not going to get my hopes up, it's more like an interesting project now. I'll keep you posted .

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kaos said...

so cool. it's like the inside of a cylon. i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! if anyone can do it--it is you Justino, Barista Extraordinaire!