Monday, February 15, 2010

I love kung fu!

Happy year of the Tiger!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An excursion across the harbour

I've been meaning to go across the harbour to Dartmouth and visit my friend Zane for awhile now.  It's been almost four months since he opened Two if by Sea, and as busy as he's been, he's found time to stop by and see me at work.  

So this morning, Nate and I got the bus downtown and caught the ferry across the harbour to Dartmouth.  I doubt if we could have picked a nicer day for it.  The sun was shining and it wasn't all that cold out.  

We found the cafe, a short walk from the ferry terminal.  There was one free table and we snagged the four-seater, even though we were just two.  It wasn't long before Nate had his hands on the largest chocolate chip cookie I've ever seen.  How big was it?  Let's just say in the battle between Nate and cookie, the cookie came out on top.  Not everyday you see a kid defeated by a cookie.  I got a shot of espresso, followed by a macchiato, a cup of Kenya from the pour-over station, and another Kenya brewed in an Eva Solo.

Perhaps best of all though, was the fact that we got to meet people.  Nate made friends with a two year old girl, I got to chat with her and her mum, and I even helped out a customer with a home espresso problem.  I was reminded of when I first started going to JJ on Main, even before I started working there.  It was more than just a cafe, it felt like a community centre. 

Nate and I are hoping to make this a regular excursion.