Friday, March 20, 2009

West gone East

Monday 16 March 2009. Our last morning in Vancouver was a blur. Shelley came to pick us up and take us to the airport. Between wrangling dog, boy, bags, and sorting out who went with Shelley and who went in the cab, I don't think I even said goodbye to Marcia. Not the exit I was expecting, but such is life.

The flight was mostly good. Nate's TV screen was working this time, so he was mostly distracted by Treehouse and Discovery Kids. We didn't lose any bags this time and Snoopy was reunited with us before the first bags started coming out.

Tuesday morning we brought the 21st century into the Ginn homestead. The internet got connected together with out new phone line.

Nate is all about his nana. and Patty and I might as well disappear. Nana has become his default go-to person when he needs something or when he doesn't get his way.

We've been to see 11 houses now, of which maybe a couple have possibilities. One of them is especially nice, but I'm not so sure about it's location yet. Our realtor tells us there will be lots more houses on the market come the end of March break. Hurry up and end already March break!

Thursday and Patty's office is all set up and ready to go. We've got a wireless network in the house now. Suddenly the back room is tech central and the house has gone from zero computers to three.

Friday now and I'm starting to realize that we are not here on vacation this time. For the most part it still feels like we're on vacation, but then I'll get an email or Facebook message from someone in Vancouver and it doesn't feel so much like a vacation. The enormity of what we've done is slowly starting to seep into my conscience, but it will take some time to process. I do miss my friends though, even if they don't feel that far away on the internet. I have always thought my friends were amazing people, but the emails and messages I've gotten since moving have really reinforced this. Sometimes the smallest things make all the difference, and it's nice to know that my friends feel the same way and have taken the time to let me know.

And finally, a short word on old Halifax houses. There are lots of them. Some of them are alright, some of them are very fine, and then there are those that are just crying out for love and attention. Stepping into one of those houses always makes me wonder how they got to such a state. It's a little sad. It can also be dangerous because I want to be that person who showers it with love and attention. I know I can't afford it, but it never stops me or Patty from seeing the potential and imagining what it would be like if it just got a chance.


Mama T said...

Hey, nice to hear how it's going. I have been thinking of you guys all week, even this morning as I frothed my soy milk (I always want to ask you what the trick is to not getting it too foamy, I don't care for the foam of soy milk).
One thing that you guys probably know to keep in mind but used to slip my mind when we were house hunting is THE SCHOOL. Find out about solid schools and aim for those neighbourhoods - also community centres and libraries are good to have nearby. And a house that needs some love will give you projects for years and years, but you don't need to be the house-orphan adopter! I'm sure you'll find something that fits all pieces, you aren't in a rush and have a place to crash (with built-in loving child-care it sounds).
See you, have fun in snafilax. The West misses you guys :)

Justin said...

The thing about soy, is you don't want to inject air into it while you're steaming. So instead of surfing the steam tip at the top of the soy, sink it in deep and steam away. It will sound god-awful, but you won't have foam. I'll try and find a video of it somewhere.

We're keeping schools in mind, and parks and libraries and other such distractions. Still early days I suppose.

A project for years and years sounds a little scarey to me!

jesse said...

before and after pics of the house (once chosen) !!

Justin said...

Right Jess, I think I'm gonna start posting pictures of the houses we see anyways...good or bad, so you all get some entertainment value out of all this!

kaos said...

tech central amuses me greatly! nate is such a fickle boy, eh? drops you like that, hmph, i know the feeling but truth is no one can replace you, his 'best friend' and don't you forget it.

so is the weather fair? we've had the sunniest weekend here in van and it's not minus temps! hooray! i ate breakfast in the sun.

i, too, demand some house pictures! i wish you happy hunting. you will run out of 'fixerupper' energy sooner than you think, so try to resist.

Leah said...

We miss you guys too. Liam's been excited to hang out with Nate since his party and we keep having to remind him that Nate doesn't live in Vancouver anymore :( I don't think he quite gets it.

I am also looking forward to seeing pics of the house you eventually choose. Vicarious house hunting via your pics sounds awesome Justin. DO IT!!!