Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A spring morning in Halifax

It started to snow here last night, and we woke up to find everything covered in another blanket of white. No winter isn't done here yet. So we spent the morning shovelling the drive and walkway. I cleared the snow, while Nate shovelled it right back to where I had just cleared it from. Nice to have a helping hand eh? After the work, some play. I had to convince him to make this snowman. He kept knocking it down as we were building it, but it eventually got done. And now, he's fast asleep. Nothing like a bit of snow to tire out a kid!


kaos said...

well that snowman is a cool looking dude! i confess i've been checking the weather for you guys...while here it is getting better you're still in the grip.
don't worry though, we've been getting a lot of that torrential downpour stuff you and snoopy love to go walking in so much :)
you should get nate to pull some creatures around on a sleigh "pretend to be mush-dogs" or go tobogganing, running up a hill, that will tucker him out too!

kaos said...

yo, change your profile!

Samantha said...