Sunday, March 29, 2009

The scarey house

View from backyard Kitchen Bedroom

office Master bedroom Bedroom

Rec room in the basement Living room Living room

When I first saw this house on MLS, I told Patty that this house scared me. It was big and ominous looking and just didn't look like the house I wanted to live in. We went to see it without much hope of actually finding anything worth our while.

It's a little oddly laid out. The front door opens up directly into a living room. Up three steps to the right and down a hallway is the other living room with working fireplace. Adjacent is the dining room and kitchen. There is a large master bedroom with en suite and deck, and three more good sized bedrooms with another bath upstairs. Finally there is a finished rec room in the basement.

The house is situated in a nice family oriented neighbourhood, with lots of walkways and parks. The school Nate would go to is a short walk away. It's very close to groceries and the mall, as well and the bus exchange.

It's practically a no-brainer. It's not quite the neighbourhood we were thinking of, but in many respects it is so much better than what we had in mind. We'd still need to do some work on it, and who knows if it would even pass inspection, but it's looking promising.

We've ruled out the house on Connaught, it's just a little out of the way for us. So for now the two contenders are the house on Almon and the scarey house on Edward Arab Avenue.


Mama T said...

Is that all one house. Is that a deck on the top?? It looks pretty nice to me, plus it seems to have all that you wanted PLUS a finished basement (which you will find a godsend once Mr. Nate has friends over to play). Plus, I quite like the colour. It has some character. What's the 'hood?

Justin said...

Yeah, it's all one house. The deck up top is off the master bedroom. The kitchen is a little small, but I think we can work around it. And yes, the basement is a plus.

It's in the Westmount school district, right by the Halifax shopping centre. Our realtor tells us it's a highly desirable hood, in terms of school. People will buy in just for the school.

It's a pretty neat neighbourhood. Lots of green space and footpaths that run between backyards...looks like a great hood for kids. brainer right?

lori said...

it looks pretty nice! that neighbourhood sounds great... but the house on almon has a hotub in the master bedroom! that's insane.

Justin said...

I don't know about that hotub in the's a little much to take. We'd definitely have to do something about it. I really like the house on Almon, but neighbourhood wise, I think the other place has it beat. Decisions decisions. We're going to see Edward Arab again tonight, plus another house on Oxford that looks very promising.

Can't wait to see you!

kaos said...

wow, this one is weird. so good and yet, so strange...the nice thing about this one is the foundation type things are things you like, right?

you would only change superficial stuff like the colours, styles of things, lighting and that is much cheaper than changes of number of bedrooms or putting in a bath.

not that i know anything about houses :)
that hot tub is still on my mind...! but this could be a winner.

kaos said...

big yard too, eh? is that just dirt right now? you could do some fun gardening things.

would the kitchen need some renos though?