Thursday, March 26, 2009

A house in the North end

This is a house on Albert Street, in the North end of the Halifax peninsula. You can see our friends Kevin and Karen's place from this house. They have 2 boys and a girl, which would be nice for Nate.
From the outside, a pretty uninteresting house. A rectangular block of brick and siding. Some nice touches inside though. I like the little teardrop windows in the door, and it's got a wood-burning insert in the fireplace. Good size kitchen and a dining room that looks out onto the backyard. There are four bedrooms upstairs, with attic access through one of the closets. There's also a one bedroom apartment in the basement, although we didn't get to see it.

For some reason it all felt a little cramped to me, I'm not sure why. Maybe it was just the incredibly small bathroom. Whatever it was, I'm not sure it's the house for us. It isn't close to any groceries and maybe I just had my heart set on an old Halifax house. Still I haven't ruled it out altogether. I'm trying to keep an open mind and keep our options open.


Mama T said...

Oh, that bathroom is the pits. I mean, you could nail your head on the corner of the sink as you sat down on the can!! Ask Ben, he's done it. Imagine if you'd had a couple of glasses of wine and just weren't as stable on the feet as usual.

Anonymous said...

Trust me. avoid cramped bathrooms.. I am 6'5 and would avoid coming over to your house if I knew your bathroom was that puny. Go old Justin! Creaky floor boards, vaulted ceilings, and noisy pipes warm the heart in the winter-time.


Justin said...

Yeah, that bathroom is the pits, and I don't think we were all that wild about the overall layout of that house.

I would love and older house, but it is looking less and less likely. Who knows, something might come up...we've still got our fingers crossed.

kaos said...

don't give up hope!

i don't know about this one, i felt cramped just looking at the pictures but couldn't figure out why exactly and then i got to the end and you said the same yeah, go with that.

i'm loving house hunting with you, btw!

also: i saw christine baranski tonight...from Cybil and Mama Mia...she is so cute!

Justin said...

So, just what were you doing at Sutton Place? Stalking celebrities?

kaos said...


no, my friend is/was in town getting married this weekend and she was staying there. so, we tried the famous chocolate buffet, wow it was yummy! the food was so-so.

my only criticism was they did white and milk chocky but no dark...just me or is that weird for a supposed all out cornucopia exploration of high end chocolate delights? seems lacking to me. not cause i'm a chocky snob at all!

the bread pudding was my fave. i have to learn how to make that, it was crazy good!

i didn't see what ms. baranski was eating just that she looked stylish and awesome!
apparently nickelback was staying there i stopped looking around for the celebs, yikes!