Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sure you can make plans...

...just don't expect them all to work out.

We had all sorts of plans for our last few months in Vancouver. We were going to do some touristy things, see some places we haven't been to, and revisit some old favourites we haven't had much time for in the last few years. Patty and I were going to go eat at some of the restaurants we knew we were going to miss, and while we did get out for a date one evening, the rest of our plans have mostly been just that. Plans.

Other things happened. We got sick. Nate got sick. We lost a week of daycare because Kristi's little girl got sick. There is a lot of sick going around here right now.

And of course we're also packing. Packing and also throwing birthday parties and going away parties. At this very moment the kitchen is full of cupcakes, and there are still more in the oven.

We've been busy, so this blog hasn't been seeing much action. Neither has my flickr photostream. I'm now three months behind in my pictures, and I fear that number will just keep getting bigger. Well, at least for the next few months anyway.

Some of the stuff that's happened in the last few weeks:

  • Patty and I went out for a dinner date one Friday evening. Our friend Jack very kindly offered to sit for us, and we took ourselves off to Salt tasting Room for a very enjoyable evening.
  • Nate turned three. He went to daycare that day and had a great time at Kidzone then work up from his nap not so happy. It got a lot worse before it got better, but by late Friday morning he decided he had had enough and pronounced himself well. I didn't quite believe him, but he was true to his word. Quite a neat trick.
  • We threw an almost kid-free birthday party for Nate on the evening of the 28th. Really it was mostly for us to say goodbye to friends and give aways bottles of alcohol. But Nate didn't seem to mind, he got presents and he got to eat cake.
  • And on Sunday Nate will get to go eat more cake when he gets his kid-friendly birthday party at the Roundhouse.
  • In other news, by brother is halfway through his tour in Afghanistan. It seems like it's gone by fairly fast, but I'm sure that mostly because we've been busy with other things here.
  • We thought we found the house for us, but it's already under offer and we're waiting to see how that goes. There will be other houses, and the whole process will be much easier once we are in Halifax.

So we are down to our last 12 days in Vancouver. I'm sure I won't get to do everything I had planned to do before we leave, but it's not really that important. I have had a great time here in Vancouver, and those touristy things, they'll keep for when we come visit.

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kaos said...

you'll visit?!?!! wonderful news...vancouver will be waiting with open arms :)

do so read your blog, jammy bugger!

you know i'm good to babysit still, anytime you want. i know you have no energy to go out what with the packing during the day, but you know i am here at your disposal for 7 more days, ack!