Saturday, March 28, 2009

One year ago

Jesse at work, originally uploaded by J J Justinsen.

Earth hour 2008. Working the closing shift at JJ Bean on Main Street in Vancouver. We killed all the store lights for an hour and worked by candlelight. I was surprised at the number of customers who asked why we were doing it. That several people complained was no surprise. I know it was mostly symbolic, but it didn't look like anyone else in our neighbourhood participated.

I worked that shift with Jesse and Katie. Katie has moved to Toronto and I'm now in Halifax. Jesse is still working at JJ. I wonder if he is closing by candlelight tonight.


Jesse said...

Jesse was free to go this year before the sun was even down. We didn't forget though. Candles were already in preparations as I left.

I hope they followed through.

kaos said...

crazy dude. i remember that.
i was in a restaurant tonight at the sutton place hotel and they tried to dim the lights to respect the earth hour, but i don't think they were allowed.

too bad.

Justin said...

Thanks for the update Jesse! I'm glad you guys remembered. Hope nothing got set on fire!

Justin said...

Aaron tells me they got about the same reaction to last year. Nice that you guys did it again though. Thanks to the closer David, Erick, Aaron and Justin #1.