Monday, April 27, 2009

A little bit of Vancouver

A Canpar Van pulled into the driveway this morning, just as Nate and I were stepping outside. The driver hopped out with a familiar looking box. It was the box of odds and ends we'd left with our old neighbours Cameron and Jacqui, just before we left Vancouver. Cameron drives for Canpar, and he'd helped us start our move by shipping some twenty boxes over to mum's. I had all but forgotten about this last box.

Nate could not wait to get it inside and see what was in it. It wasn't all that exciting really, but if he was disappointed he didn't show it. He wanted to know what everything was for, like the lint brushes and the small brush for applying hair dye.

Tucked in amongst all that, was this.

Sometimes, the little things mean so much.

Thanks to Cameron and Jacqui for getting the coffee and sending it with our stuff. And thanks to Amy and Justin #1 at Main Street for the hellos, and a big thank you to who ever it was who personalized the bag.

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