Thursday, April 2, 2009

The house on Stuart Graham

kitchen kitchen dining room

living room

master bedroom bedroom built-ins 2nd bedroom upstairs

main floor bedroom Align Center bath bath

I didn't get too many pictures, because it felt weird taking photos of the place with the owner there. You know,...weird in a creepy kind of way.


Jesse said...

there's a picture of a sailboat on the wall, that's a good sign!

Justin said...

Would you explain this omen to me Jesse? I am not familiar with it. We haven't heard anything back yet, but they are busy people. She lectures and Dalhousie and he runs a restaurant, so maybe we won't hear back till the morning. Fingers crossed.

lori said...

ooooh, it's nice! did you make an offer???

Justin said...

Yeah, we've made an offer, but it's a private sale and the sellers aren't working with a realtor. They are dragging their feet, and constantly need more time. We are getting tired of dealing with them and may take our business elsewhere if they continue delaying.

kaos said...

wow, i thought my eyes must really be getting bad, but then i realized you can enlarge the pics, ha! techie, that's me!

i was going to call jesse superman for spotting that ship...good omen, i agree.

it's cause you are such a pirate justin :)

does this one have good location, etc. it must if you offered. i thought scary was IT.

still i love following this. it's less depressing than the canucks.

Justin said...

It's in the same neighbourhood as the scarey house. I think you can actually see the scarey house from the front step. So the location is good. Lots of amenities close by, and right on the bus route downtown.

Leah said...

Our fingers are crossed for you. The place suits you guys :)