Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Four weeks in...

It's been four weeks since we left Vancouver for Halifax. Well, four weeks and a day I suppose. I was going to write this yesterday, but it just got away from me. As far as moves go, I guess this one has been pretty smooth sailing.

All our stuff arrived from Vancouver two weeks ago. It's all stowed away in mum and dad's basement. As far as we can tell, everything made it in one piece, although we haven't as yet unpacked.

Nate is settling in to his life in Halifax very well. He loves being around his grandparents, and is always telling us how much he likes it here. He is best friend to the bird, even if the feeling isn't mutual. It is quite a sight to see the bird, dog and Nate all follow dad around when he comes home from work.

We've finally found a house we both like. It doesn't give us everything on the wish list, but we always knew it was going to be hard to find a house that did. This one comes very close indeed. We did the house inspection this morning, but more about that in another post.

We've only been downtown a couple of times so far, once to go to the farmers market, and the other time to do some window shopping. Tomorrow we're going to take Nate to the Museum of Natural History. $82 buys you a family membership for a year, and is good for 27 museum locations throughout Nova Scotia, including the Maritime Museum. Not bad.

Myself, I am missing my old routine, but also enjoying not being the only set of eyes minding Nate. It's much easier getting Snoopy out for walks now. I occasionally feel I should be doing something more productive, but not enough to actually make me go do something about it. Besides, I think the house will provide me with lots of projects to keep me busy once we take possession. Every now and then I get homesick and wonder what everyone in Vancouver is up to. Otherwise I keep myself busy with Nate, Snoopy, and making to-do lists for the house. See, smooth sailing.


Jesse said...

lovin' the updates Justin.

It's my friday night, going to try and visit Steveston tomorrow, if the good weather holds.

Justin said...

Thanks Jesse! Hope you get to go to Steveston. I've only been once, but I have fond memories.

Leah said...

Hey Justin! So happy to hear about the house. Thought I would update you on me and Liam. Today we went to a big egg hunt at the Killarney Rec Centre. Liam had a ton of fun. We then met up with Ava (Mona & Tony) and Audrey (Jess & Guy) at Stanley Park and went on the train and went to the farm yard. Liam identified the goat poop as blueberries and was horrified when I explained what it actually was. It was pretty fun. Our skype is leahandliam. We should set up a skype date for the kids sometime. Hugs to you all!

Justin said...

Hey Leah! Sounds like you guys had a great day! I wish we could have gone on the train and seen the farm with you. Nate really loved it the last time we went.

We haven't got setup for video chat yet, the camera is somewhere in a box down in mum's basement. But we will get it up once we're moved in. So give us a few more weeks and I will let you know when we're ready. I'm nihcnitsuj on Skype.

Justin said...

Apparently I can't the time I wrote this it was only three weeks in.