Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Singapore

Breakfast at the hawker centre

After some 34 hours of travelling time, we arrived safely in Singapore. Our plane landed at 11.30pm and it was 30 degrees Celsius outside. I was informed by dad later, that it was a cool night!

Nate did remarkably well on the journey, and seems to have adjusted very well to life in the tropics. I wish the same could be said for me. I spoke to an old friend yesterday and he complained about the heat. People who live here are finding it hot! It's not so much the heat as the humidity, which hovers around 90% most of the time.

We are slowly getting our body clocks adjusted, although Nate did wake up at 4.30 yesterday morning. We've been spending lots of time at the pool, although it's not the cool relief I was expecting. It's more like getting into a warm bath.

Cooling off

This being Singapore, we are spending lots of time taking part in the national pastime - eating. Jack, if you are reading this, the food photos are for you. I know it's not the same thing as eating it, but it's the best I can do right now. Enjoy, there will be more to come.

Lontong - cabbage, tofu, rice cake in a coconut curry broth

Roti Prata - fried bread with curry
The only food I truly miss from Singapore


Mama T said...

Oh man, that Roti looks divine. Now I'm hungry and it's after 10pm. Thanks!!! :)

Justin said...

The next time you come and visit, I will make you some. I'm still not very good at getting them fluffy and flaky like they do here, but it's pretty darn close.

It's funny, but it's nothing fancy, but boy do I miss it. When my brother got back from Afghanistan, he said the first thing he ate was roti prata. Maybe it's genetic or something, but us Chin boys sure do like it.

kaos said...

oh my dear sweet lord! that gravy looks so divine...i can almost taste it...sigh. thank you a million times for food pictures, you know me too well. i love that breakfast with the fish and the rice in the packet with the red sauce...nasi lemak? is that it? i bet i can get fish around here somewhere but you know i can barely shop for bananas :-/
sorry about the humidity but keep on eating, you can do it!!