Monday, June 8, 2009

Inside our house

The front door/hallway

The living room

Dining room

Master bedroom

Nate's room



Jesse said...

wow, it would be aweseome to grow up in that room!

Mama T said...

wow, sunny!
Looks like you guys need a bit more furniture, hey?
Looks lovely from here.

Justin said...

Jesse, that's only part of the room, there is a whole other half. That and a walk in closet! What does a kid need a walk-in closet for?! It's actually big enough to be a small bedroom I think!

Yeah we need for furniture Tiff. But for now it'll do us. We haven't found a sofa we like yet, so we're just taking our time. It's a nice change to having a small condo jammed full of stuff!

lori said...

it is gorgeous!!!

hope you guys have a super trip. good luck with the flight. :)

hope you guys can squeeze in a little visit to p.e.i when you get back. we miss you.