Thursday, September 18, 2008

Occassionally, I am not invisible

Most days when I drop Nate off at daycare, he barely bats an eyelid when I say goodbye and go to leave. He's usually playing with some toy or his friends, and will yell 'goodbye!' without even turning his head. It's almost like I'm not even there, invisible, already gone.

This morning, we were running a little late and when we got there they were getting ready to go for their morning walk. I was pulling my shoes on and getting ready to go when he came and snuggled with me and said 'I love you dad.', quite out of the blue. What a nice surprise. But he wasn't done yet.

As Snoopy and I made our way from the house, the kids all emerged and started heading off on their walk. I heard Nate yell 'Goodbye dad!' and then 'Wait, I want to get you a hug!' So I run back over, and he runs up to me and hugs me. As he heads back to the group he says 'I get you a kiss' and comes back and plants one on my mouth. Then he's off again. yelling 'See you later!' as he rejoins the group.

Today, I was not invisible.

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kaos said...

Isn't that crazy? When I was nannying/babysitting I was often surprised that one can spend so much time with a child and seemingly so much can happen that is lovely or special or significant or simply nice and yet when their parents came home/their tv show came on/a shiny object was spied...poof! I was a distant vague memory, if that. What even more strange is I came to see this as a comfort. A sign of the resilience and strength of these kids, that they can bond and also feel safe/social/independent enough to go off. eh. I'll never breed.