Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random bits

  • It's been 6 months since we left Vancouver
  • Nate started going to 'school' last week - 2 1/2 hours twice a week
  • This, based on one of my favourite books by Oliver Jeffers, makes me happy
  • We've been without our espresso machine for 6 months now, but the wait is almost over...I think
  • I am still taking photos, despite the lack of activity on my flickr account
  • Pipe is being laid for natural gas, right in front of our house - our electric stove's days are numbered
  • Work on the basement continues
  • Patty is spending next week in Vancouver, I wish I was going
  • I really really miss The Brewery Creek Liquor Store


kaos said...

I've felt every fricken day! Just kidding...I love hearing about the daily buzz with the Halifax chapter of the fam and the life you've built so far, but whoa time flying and all that jazz eh?

WHAT patty is coming here and you are not...wah, she is prolly just coming to work and that is why but y'all have some large suitcases, I'd look into that just a tip...

That site made me happy too, so cute! Have you seen the Wild Things trailer? Ooooh, more happy.

Miss you and your hugs and you

Justin said...

Miss you too Jack! As for the daily buzz here, there really ain't much buzzing! Yep, Pat is going over for work, but I'm sure she will make time to visit with you. I'll make sure she has your number, cause you know how hard it is to get her to carry her phone!

kaos said...

Are you kidding? Nate's soccer, schooling, your Wega, the gas line is an exclusive :) I'm very excited about that my friend, and keeping abreast of how you are going to fill up the huge house!

Thanks for sneaking my number into her phone, I might try calling her but yeah, that can be tricky!