Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just when we thought it was safe to go out to dinner

I worked the closing shift at the goat today, and mum and dad came to get Nate for the afternoon. He was very excited to see them and wanted to stay over at their place tonight. Patty and I decided we'd meet for dinner after I finished my shift.

We'd just finished a fabulous meal at Mezza, when my cell phone rang. It was mum, calling to tell me that Nate had been crying for the last 10 minutes and he wanted to come home. I guess it could have been worse, we could have just sat down to eat. So we caught a cab home and he arrived shortly afterwards, all smiles to see us.

I'm not sure what happened this time, he's slept over and mum's a few times now without any trouble. But he told me he wanted to come home because he missed us. How can you argue with that?

Patty told him it was OK and he could stay over at nana's another night. His reply?

'And then I can come home at night?'

I hope this is not the start of a new pattern.


kaos said...

uh oh! i wish you luck with the search for his independent streak of old.

yeah, at least you finished eating, i guess.

going to bed now...have you had more luck with the good sleeps yet? i was thinking about you when i was camping and sleeping like a champ while my poor dad couldn't catch a wink. if my tips don't work you could always go the drugs route, i hear it worked great for michael jackson.

i'm a terrible person...goodnight.

Justin said...

Um, good sleep, not so much. I wake up a lot around 4 or 5 in the morning. I think I'm just gonna try staying up next time.

kaos said...

boo! i want you to have good sleeps...reading? listening to hippy meditation or waves crashing? taking a cold shower before bed? that tea, um, st.johns wort, i think?

i got your message thanks buddy. i should be home tonight, back from the sunshine coast around 9:30 your time