Sunday, August 9, 2009

The boiler is back

Peter dropped off the boiler on Thursday afternoon. Beautiful welding job, looks better than new. You wouldn't even know that there had been big gaping holes in it.

Today I spent a few hours putting it all back together. It took some doing, working in such a tight space, but I eventually got it all hooked up and plugged the Lyra in and powered her up. The pump came on, and I watched the welds carefully as the boiler filled. Everything was looking good.

And then I noticed the water pooling beneath the machine. There was another leak, and I eventually traced it to a busted pipe leading from the boiler to the group head.

So, still no espresso. I will have to take the Lyra apart again. And this time I will have to take the group out as well. From what I could see, it looks like this isn't the only rupture in the pipe. I guess I should have checked the rest of the machine while I was getting the boiler repaired. Lesson learnt.


kaos said...

that sounds completely normal for self repair work. i totally would have done the same thing, sucks though but you'll get there. and it will taste so much sweeter for it, thats my guess.

Justin said...

I haven't been back to look at it yet, but I suppose I will over the weekend. I may not even have to order replacement parts, might just be able to get some new copper piping and solder the fittings on. I'll have to consult with the plumbers in the family first.