Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting ready for the Tooth Fairy

We were back at the dentist's again this morning to have Nate's front tooth extracted.  Nate did very well, and we only had to bribe him with one Lego Bionicle and one Lego Star Wars toy.  The hardest part was the needle, it just took so long to get the stuff into him, and he didn't like it.  But Dr. Macdonald was great with Nate, and made sure that Nate was in control.  He told him that all he had to do was say stop, and he would stop.  And that was how it went.  I think that really helped Nate feel more comfortable about the whole process.  That and having Patty sit in the chair with him. 

In the end it took just under an hour to get the job done.  Nate got to take his tooth home in a special little tooth necklace, and tonight it goes under his pillow to await the Tooth Fairy. 

It wasn't even half an hour after we left the dentist's when we heard him proclaim 'It's a good day.'

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