Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The tooth fairy

I took Nate to see the dentist yesterday morning.  Some while ago he was trying to show Patty he could jump up and spin around in the air.  However he forgot he had his hands in his pockets and lost his balance.  He fell and smacked his face into the hardest part of the kitchen floor.  A while later we noticed that his front left tooth was starting to discolour.

Yesterday, we learned that the tooth was dead and had to come out.  So the good dentist took some time to explain to Nate how the tooth fairy had called and put in a request for Nate's tooth.  Apparently she's building a house and needs Nate's tooth because it's the perfect fit for a hole in one of the walls.  Personally, I find the idea of a house built out of teeth a little creepy, but Nate seemed to think this was perfectly fine.  Dr. Livingstone also explained how they would remove his tooth, and how he would have to take it home and put it under his pillow so that the tooth fairy could pick it up.   He's already wondering what the tooth fairy will leave him in return for his tooth.  

The whole visit went without a hitch, and he didn't even want to leave after he was done.  We spent another 20 minutes in the waiting room so that he could play with the mega blocks.  He's always enjoyed going to the dentist and I hope that his next visit won't change that.  

On the walk back to his grandparents' after that, he told me 'I love my dentist'.  He also told me he loved me and I was his best friend.  He turned to hug me, and I picked him him up to give him a big squeeze.  Then he broke the spell with 'You can put me down now dad!'  He's so sentimental.

We go back on Monday morning to get the tooth removed.

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