Friday, October 2, 2009 a three year old

Nate's bed was empty when I went to his room to wake him up this morning. I kept it together long enough to yell his name, and he yelled back 'I'm down here'.

I went downstairs and found him on the sofa, tucked in comfortably with a pillow and blanket. The following exchange proceeded to take place:

What are you doing down here?

I couldn't sleep so I came down here.

What time did you come down?

At night, it was still dark.

Why couldn't you sleep?

You were making too much noise.

I was making too much noise? I didn't make any noise last night!

You were too noisy dad, your snoring was too noisy. I couldn't sleep. That's why I came downstairs.

I'm not sure I like the idea of my three year old wandering around the house in the dark while everyone else is asleep. That said, this incident has clearly demonstrated that Nate has not inherited my night blindness. I'm not sure how he made it down the stairs in the dark, but I am pretty sure I would have ended up as a mangled mess of broken bones and torn flesh if I had tried it.

He could just as easily closed the door to his room.


kaos said...

Hey man, where did you go? are you guys super busy? whats up?
i guess i didn't comment on this because when patty was here we all bugged her about this entry and i got all my comments out but it goes without saying that this is simply hilarious and i love the mental images honestly dude, nice writing on this here blog, very good indeed.
(((i'm hugging you)))
i'm so hip to all that internet slang eh?

Justin said...

Hey Jack, we are all still here and very much alive. I guess I've been busy, either that or I just haven't felt like there's been anything to write about. That or I go to write something and it all feels too much to put into words, or to hard to explain and I just give up.

Otherwise things are good. Nate is being extra difficult of late, but I guess this is balanced by moments when he is just ridiculously nice and fun to be around. Talk about your mood swings.